😲TIMO WERNER MISSES AGAINST REAL MADRID!😲 (+Fulham Leeds Newcastle etc) Real Madrid vs Chelsea 1-1!
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  • 442oons

    🎵Win a pair of Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless Airbuds!🎵 Choose your colour using the link below then type your colour in the comments! #ad One lucky winner will be chosen at random in 7 days! US: soundcore.club/3sxHa4w UK: soundcore.club/3dtXjUl DE: soundcore.club/3sxGCeY EU: soundcore.club/3sxGNqE CA: soundcore.club/32xy65f There is a sale on right now until May 2nd!

    • Trill Jay
      Trill Jay

      Those onyx black earphones would be nice to have 🙇🏽‍♂️

    • Griffin McCarthy
      Griffin McCarthy

      Can I get the black for my brother

    • PUBG

      Colour: musicares red. Who doesn't like that

    • Lucas Kew
      Lucas Kew


    • Zoe Eastick
      Zoe Eastick


  • Nate Kang
    Nate Kang

    0:35 lol why does Gilmour have the wrong squad number (the one he had last year)

  • omar rahimi
    omar rahimi

    Minecraft feet killed me

  • Rifky Faturahman
    Rifky Faturahman


  • sreehari

    Yes that fall did fix his eyes (Werner scored against Madrid in 2nd leg

  • MiniMargetts2

    Onyx Black ⚫😂😂

  • Chaotic Stop
    Chaotic Stop

    Cmon one person is here after the new 442oons video

  • Rohith Raman
    Rohith Raman

    Who's here after the second leg

  • Leon Zedz
    Leon Zedz

    Anybody still hear when chelsea beat real madrid in the 2nd leg and werner scored a open goal?

  • Cookie Life
    Cookie Life

    When is the 2-0

  • Blocksters Inc
    Blocksters Inc

    Who’s here after Werner actually scored against Real Madrid in the 2nd leg

  • KaneQ

    1st Leg: Werner miss against Real 2nd Leg: Werner score to 1:0 and help to beat Real

  • Ian Poblano
    Ian Poblano

    If they win everyone is gonna be a fake chealse fan

  • Knight Esquire
    Knight Esquire

    He did it. He fucking scored. He played decently yesterday. I think turbo timo is back

  • Pavle Miladinovic-PajaBS
    Pavle Miladinovic-PajaBS

    werner is good like pele misses 2 open goals werner is so speedy and good for my side

  • Christopher Kas
    Christopher Kas

    Onyx Black

  • SilverFox 19
    SilverFox 19

    He didn’t miss this time at least

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye

    Anyone here after Werner scored v real Madrid

    • Moustapha Name
      Moustapha Name

      He scored a tap in low

  • Zep Playz1
    Zep Playz1

    make sure to get our win Chelsea 2-0(3-1) Real Madrid. Hahaha Hazard you lost against your old team

  • V2 Ghost
    V2 Ghost

    Who is here after chelsea came I. The f8nals

  • Mecki Sealiti
    Mecki Sealiti

    i mean can i get the black earbudes plz

  • ហុង សិទ្ធិយ៉ា
    ហុង សិទ្ធិយ៉ា

    before man city win champoin league

  • Arrif Tukiran
    Arrif Tukiran

    This video don’t age really well

    • Arrif Tukiran
      Arrif Tukiran

      @Moustapha Name why so salty, mate?! He need the confidence for himself

    • Moustapha Name
      Moustapha Name

      He scored a tap in lol he's still 💩 💩 💩 💩

  • Xander Grogan
    Xander Grogan

    Werner's just scored in this match...

  • Bartek Gora
    Bartek Gora

    Werner scores XDDD

  • J-rated

    Here before chelsea wins the Champions league

  • christy raja jayaseli
    christy raja jayaseli

    Red for me please By the way im in india

  • Tom Andrews
    Tom Andrews

    As a Chelsea fan this video makes for painful viewing. But I will say that Torres missing an open goal at Old Trafford was worse.

  • Gitte Højrup Larsen
    Gitte Højrup Larsen

    Is he pist

  • Junes Tindemans
    Junes Tindemans

    Onex black pls

  • Junes Tindemans
    Junes Tindemans


  • gaming zone
    gaming zone


  • Admir Ramadani
    Admir Ramadani


  • l Anaiak
    l Anaiak

    Gilmour no.23 not 47 now

  • Abu-Bakr Ismail
    Abu-Bakr Ismail

    11:14 ummmm.....


    Tuchel's Voice and laugh tho 🤣

  • Selena Mcerlean
    Selena Mcerlean


  • Chris Betteridge
    Chris Betteridge

    Tibo His kit changes

  • Chris Betteridge
    Chris Betteridge

    Dean u made a mistake

  • Chris Betteridge
    Chris Betteridge

    Kepa scoring has more chance of Timo at scoring

  • Chris Betteridge
    Chris Betteridge

    Timo Werner Scoring🖕

  • Chris Betteridge
    Chris Betteridge

    @DeanStobbart Can You Make A Video. Draw your life Dean Stobbart

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    How tf is no one talking about benzemas goal

  • Messiah Gonzalez
    Messiah Gonzalez

    Sapphire blue. Turbo timo ftw

  • X-M1ss-Y0u-X

    Werner deserves the ballon d'oral, just like lewa said to suarez in one of the ballon d'or rap battles.

  • King Rebastian
    King Rebastian

    Start Girond. Wait no actually start Billy

  • Oliver woolridge
    Oliver woolridge


  • creature pk
    creature pk

    Titanium white

  • Jay Jordan Redshaw
    Jay Jordan Redshaw

    Amazing player

  • svijet kockica
    svijet kockica

    Sell him

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris

    Vinicius Jr is a b tec Johnny evans

  • QuacksterXD


  • Asher Zamler
    Asher Zamler

    onyx black big up the great content

  • AbDe_ 257
    AbDe_ 257

    Su nombre lo dice es un timo

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Onyx Black

  • Nιce Knσwιng Yσu
    Nιce Knσwιng Yσu

    I'll take the sapphire blue one. Hope werner gets better scoring goals.

  • Scott Watterson
    Scott Watterson

    Sapphire blue

  • Dey Alexander
    Dey Alexander


  • Taylor Buckley
    Taylor Buckley

    what happened to sam

  • Mix and Match
    Mix and Match

    Tino Werner will be back in form and the next song will be Tino Werner scores again Watch this space

  • Kang Mas
    Kang Mas


  • Dev Goyal
    Dev Goyal

    Musicares® Red

  • YngTckz Private
    YngTckz Private

    Been watching every video for nearly 3 years now and still loving them. My fav colour is red coz i support utd

  • sheila chitwamali
    sheila chitwamali

    Gilmour is not number 47 it's 23

    • Tom Murchuis
      Tom Murchuis

      He did before

  • handsomethin-boy

    billy wrong number should be 23 but not 47

  • Ravashlin Pillay
    Ravashlin Pillay

    Nothing is better than good old white

  • Liam Hipkins
    Liam Hipkins

    How did he move if he’s asleep

  • Salvador57

    Onyx black

  • Arthur Alves
    Arthur Alves

    2:37 hrless.info/window/video/mG2rmaRps5DcZqk.html

  • mini ninja
    mini ninja

    Billy gilmours Chelsea Number Are 23 not 47 a mistake

  • cameron norton
    cameron norton

    Only Kante cared about timo trying to crowd surf The rest just started singing

  • pete kells
    pete kells

    Onyx black

  • Thomas Grisorio
    Thomas Grisorio


  • Fakhrul Islam
    Fakhrul Islam

    Werner is the best greatest joke ever😂😂

  • amaizinng artz
    amaizinng artz


  • Razvan Razvan
    Razvan Razvan

    Onyx black

  • A&AOfficial

    I hope Giroud starts in the 2nd leg intead of werner 😩

  • surrender lol
    surrender lol

    Onyx black

  • Harout Choulgian
    Harout Choulgian

    the color doesn't matter for me.

  • RajaFifaFC 10
    RajaFifaFC 10

    Billy Gilmour is 23 now isnt he?

  • Vasco William William
    Vasco William William

    Jogo foi bom

  • Blubla lyrics
    Blubla lyrics

    "He's missed again " has he even ever scored bruv?

    • Joe Deans • 79 years ago
      Joe Deans • 79 years ago

      Literally the game before this

  • Mateus Boaventura
    Mateus Boaventura

    Plz me the winer

  • Mateus Boaventura
    Mateus Boaventura

    You'l lie

  • Oscar Williams
    Oscar Williams

    If possible, I would likeOnyx Black colored earbuds

  • Kevin fitness media
    Kevin fitness media



    Onyx black I have chosen

  • cameron norton
    cameron norton

    Billy Gilmour: Fuck knows LOL

    • Timmy Burch
      Timmy Burch


  • Valerian Aloo
    Valerian Aloo

    Titanium white

  • ST0N3 X K1LL3R
    ST0N3 X K1LL3R

    In bed:Timo misses Oops wrong wife Terry: "Timo Werner is my idol"

  • Jayden Daniels
    Jayden Daniels

    Sapharrie blue

  • Ibrahim Kanchwala
    Ibrahim Kanchwala

    Red Liberty Air 2 earphones:)

  • Ruthvik Chava
    Ruthvik Chava

    Black LIBERT Air 2Pro Wireless Airbuds

  • Tahmid Zaman
    Tahmid Zaman

    onyx black

  • Ggfg Gaming
    Ggfg Gaming


  • Kareem Masadeh
    Kareem Masadeh



    black air buds

  • Edvin Torhač
    Edvin Torhač

    Sapphire blue looks so clean🥶. Respect to you from Slovenia👏. You have been doing such good work in such short time.

  • King Pluto
    King Pluto


  • King Pluto
    King Pluto


Werner Miss Again..
131 tis.