Ronaldo & Messi Q&A
This was a members' video in December, but as everyone got a refund, I can share it now!
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!

  • 442oons

    This was a members' video in December, but as everyone got a refund, I can share it now!

    • Joash Kanyanta
      Joash Kanyanta

      Love it dean

    • Jaydogz 06
      Jaydogz 06

      Love u

    • Leonard Sattler
      Leonard Sattler


    • Adrian Salaverria
      Adrian Salaverria

      i had the idea lol dean u remember

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious


  • James Owen
    James Owen

    Notice how this isnt members like it says at the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Beast Jr
    Beast Jr

    1:02. This was the single most disturbing thing I've seen in my entire life

  • Roel Renju
    Roel Renju

    And this is how u know 442 oons is a messi fan

  • Gregor Lesho
    Gregor Lesho

    3:34 DiogO, BrunO, CristianO, AlvarO, and PaulO. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Leonard Sattler
    Leonard Sattler


  • computer programming
    computer programming

    Do a Q/A for Ronaldo and zlatan

  • Awa

    Only ogs remember “i look good...TOPLESSSSSSSS!”

  • Adam Gaszler
    Adam Gaszler

    3:21 only old fans remember lionel messigician

  • Filo Chino
    Filo Chino

    Messi you stey barcelona? Ronaldo:call ronal koman and join barcelona😂😂

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt

    Did Dean stop the members part of the channel???

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      yes he will post every members video now

  • RthHD

    This give me flashbacks

  • David Cronicec
    David Cronicec

    First time when i didnt heard ronaldo say litlle shit

  • Cristiano Naidoo
    Cristiano Naidoo

    Messi vs ronaldo in penalty

  • Ali Zaza
    Ali Zaza

    #Respect_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #No_To_Racism_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #Support_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #We_are_all_with_Barça_and_Messi 🔵🔴 Please guys , make these hashtags the #1 TRENDING in all the Social media Apps , Like ( HRless ,Tik tok , Instagram , etc. ) 1-Firstly , Make my comment have 900M Likes or more. 2-Reply in my comment's chat that you are apologized about making fun of Barça and Messi and you won't do this again. 3-Share the comment in all the Social Media Apps. 4-Finally , After finishing the apologize , make these 4 hashtags the #1 TRENDING all over the world and in all the Social Media Apps. Please do it guys ❤👍🙏 God willing , Barça will return to its level stronger and stronger 💪🔵🔴 #Respect_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #No_To_Racism_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #Support_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #We_are_all_with_Barça_and_Messi 🔵🔴

  • Ashish Kalgikar
    Ashish Kalgikar

    1:00 was a madness

  • Ensar Dari
    Ensar Dari

    Messi, Prank Call Zidane and say you want to sign for Real Madrid

  • Hassan Ibrahim
    Hassan Ibrahim


  • Hassan Ibrahim
    Hassan Ibrahim


  • DC Yankee
    DC Yankee

    1:02 nothing to see here people

  • King Life
    King Life

    Messi. Ur you ronaldo

  • Moneychester United
    Moneychester United

    My Question to messi: Why don't you have biceps like ronaldo?

    • Zombieking 2
      Zombieking 2


  • Natsu Rey del fuego
    Natsu Rey del fuego

    When you make another?

  • freddie Mercury jr
    freddie Mercury jr

    OMG Messi with the old face❤❤❤

  • Mohamed Baiee
    Mohamed Baiee

    Do a salah and mbappe Q&A

  • Captain FN
    Captain FN

    3:18 Old messi brings back so many memories

  • Tich Marumahoko
    Tich Marumahoko

    wht the hell happend to muller ...he was such a good character back then

  • Neo Raboroko
    Neo Raboroko

    Why doesn't Messi has his own q&a

  • Nathan

    Muller makes a bad joke Ronaldo:punches him *Everyone liked that*

  • Lozan Zana
    Lozan Zana

    Ronaldo is funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Craistian z
    Craistian z

    In your dreams messi go to city with laporta in the president

  • Chris Blessing Kanangire
    Chris Blessing Kanangire

    Ronaldo, Real Madrid or Manchester United 🤔

  • Charlie Curran
    Charlie Curran

    question for messi: did you only come to the q and a because of the 300 millionclause in your contract

  • Filipe R Freddy
    Filipe R Freddy

    Make a Q&A with MSN

  • Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer

    What have we done!!!🤣🤣

  • Peter Curran
    Peter Curran

    0:32 0:42 2:24 Ronaldos punching

  • Nefzi Abdelnarim
    Nefzi Abdelnarim

    ronaldo king

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    Someone better slap an age restricted tag on this!

  • Fred McBilly
    Fred McBilly

    Do Fati & Mbappe Q&A

  • Dave Vazquez
    Dave Vazquez

    Cristiano Ronaldo proof that you're gay

  • Hays Bado
    Hays Bado

    Pls Lewandoski vs Haaland

    • Marin MM7
      Marin MM7

      He made already. Only for members.

  • David Cummins
    David Cummins

    I love when ronald says I used to play for Barcelona

  • Leo CK
    Leo CK

    3:22 442oons Football Flashbacks!

  • Tinghwazi Ntimbani
    Tinghwazi Ntimbani

    May you please do a Q&A with Junior and Thiago

  • Canal Z
    Canal Z

    Lionel messigician

  • Mitch Ambrose
    Mitch Ambrose

    3:22 I just knew it !!! 😂


    Martin Braithwaite is just a disgrace to barca

  • Nikolas DANOS
    Nikolas DANOS

    Footballers attempt messis long free kick

  • Venkataraman CV
    Venkataraman CV

    Ahhh u are getting out of touch man, robbed joke was predictable the second when muller came in

  • Murugesh Jagadeesan
    Murugesh Jagadeesan

    can you change into manchester kits

  • voulis clapz all
    voulis clapz all

    The old face of messi is awesome

  • Ped Bed
    Ped Bed

    How many trophies did cristiano ronaldo get

  • GTAPLAYZ Tips-Funny Moments-Tutorials-And more
    GTAPLAYZ Tips-Funny Moments-Tutorials-And more


  • Acer Aspire
    Acer Aspire

    3:21 after so long there back!

  • Aw Craft
    Aw Craft

    Super 🔥🔥🔥

    • Nedžox X x
      Nedžox X x


  • nimo issa
    nimo issa

    We'd like Q&A with Lewi and Thomas or maybe a part two of messi and Ronaldo

  • hernan perez laura
    hernan perez laura

    Pongan subtítulos en español

  • Raphael LUBIBA
    Raphael LUBIBA

    Ronaldo It’s Shitteos

  • Charlotte Phillips
    Charlotte Phillips

    Cristiano Ronaldo: Would you rather murder your children and wife or play for Barcelona with Messi for the next decade?

  • Мария Славова
    Мария Славова

    Where is the video barsa vs psg

  • Nilay Didolkar
    Nilay Didolkar

    Zizou baby guurl 😂

  • Uddab Bargayary
    Uddab Bargayary

    Ronaldo: i am taller than you

  • Yvonne Kugler
    Yvonne Kugler

    Next video

  • Mohammed Salah
    Mohammed Salah

    442oons which team do you support just tell me !!!!!!!!

    • Mohammed Salah
      Mohammed Salah

      Shut up

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      @Mohammed Salah he will not reply Salah fanboy ok

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      @Mohammed Salah man city duhhhhh

    • Mohammed Salah
      Mohammed Salah

      No one asked you

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      what a dumb question

  • Ángel Enrique Montalbán Morueta
    Ángel Enrique Montalbán Morueta

    Who's here after 1-4?

  • Gaming with Coke
    Gaming with Coke

    Who’s waiting for the champions league song

    • [][] Pawełek [][]
      [][] Pawełek [][]


  • Ultratype

    Messi how does it feel knowing that Coutinho has won more Copa Americas than you have in you career

  • Vafin Dukuly
    Vafin Dukuly


  • Pacbandit13

    Dean Where's the Mbappe masterclass 4-1 😂

  • Wilhelm Ekman
    Wilhelm Ekman

    Can you do Google in the box for ucl games?

  • master tn
    master tn

    ronaldo : speak arabe with salah messi : try to sing for real madrid

  • Pauline Owens
    Pauline Owens

    Ronaldo how does it feel that messi has be called player of the decade

  • Harnam Singh
    Harnam Singh

    Psg vs Barcelona should have a video

  • zhyar hazhar
    zhyar hazhar

    Ronaldo missi fifa2010

  • pes legend
    pes legend

    442oons plz make what if PSG won the champions league plz I'm begging

  • Theokoles

    Messi sucks ! His career is over ! 1-4 !

  • Elvana Kurti
    Elvana Kurti

    yo the old messi face we miss it

  • sadboykilla愛はない

    The Thomas Muller part killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣⚰️⚰️⚰️

  • skittlessimon

    where is the champions league song last 16 442oons?

  • human rocket
    human rocket

    PSG trashed barca 4-1

  • Jamie Tan
    Jamie Tan

    Can do a Q&A of Klopp and Pep next?

  • Farid Manafli
    Farid Manafli

    Barcelona 1-4 psg

  • Osman Anıldı
    Osman Anıldı

    Can you make barca psg pls and 2021 toty pls

  • Ankush Shenoy
    Ankush Shenoy

    Do PSG Barca parody pls

  • Mohammed Chowdhury
    Mohammed Chowdhury

    who is wating for dean to make psg v barca 4-1 parody

  • Fahad Rahman
    Fahad Rahman

    messi will you win next world cup and how many age will you play

  • Moh

    Where is Barcelona vs psg 1-4 and Liverpool Leipzig 0-2 also please make another Top Of The League 👆

  • Alexander Mendoza
    Alexander Mendoza

    Looks like Messi won’t be staying at Barca 4-1 more season........

  • Xo Lunara
    Xo Lunara

    3:23 only true ogs rmr

  • lakshay lakhanpal
    lakshay lakhanpal

    Make video on psg 4 - Barca 1

  • Surya Solanki
    Surya Solanki

    The best moment 5:13

  • Prabhnoor Singh
    Prabhnoor Singh


  • Nooo Yufnbv
    Nooo Yufnbv

    1 4 psg barselona psg win

  • Chinny Chang
    Chinny Chang


  • Yosef Abdul
    Yosef Abdul

    No one: Not even a single soul: Koeman: I used to play for barcelona

  • Adam Cupidon
    Adam Cupidon

    Mr442oons iam a 10 year old boy so i suggest a Bruno fernandes q and a and my questions are would you rather the pl or the ucl another is can you play glory man utd on the piano have a beard like messi or a head like maguire thee answers Q.1 is both Q.2 is yes and he does Q.3 Head like maguire please do a video and ask more members to help you thanks if you do the video and please reply

    • Raheem Sterling
      Raheem Sterling

      @Adam Cupidon Look if you watch his previous videos it says it is not made for kids. If you do not think that’s not valid you’ve seen his among us video right? Then there is multiple sex references and gruesome deaths.

    • Adam Cupidon
      Adam Cupidon

      @Raheem Sterling it says younger audincs on a frontmn video plase xucse th writing my e's on my pc kyboard dont work so yeah i watch442oons each vido for5-6yars i could be wrong

    • Raheem Sterling
      Raheem Sterling

      Mate this isn’t for ten year olds so um... watch the teletubbues or whatever

  • Gabriel Xanco Garcia
    Gabriel Xanco Garcia

    4-1 Down, we were going Down together...

  • PKI !!
    PKI !!

    0:32 0:43 2:24

    • Peter Curran
      Peter Curran


  • tyrantdawn V
    tyrantdawn V

    Dean we need a "Champions League" round of 16 song!

  • Vianel Ramos
    Vianel Ramos

    Old messsi