💥Roberto Carlos Free-Kick!💥 Footballers Attempt! Frontmen Season 1.7
Footballers attempt Roberto Carlos' epic free-kick in France vs Brazil during Tournoi de France, 1997!
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  • Soccer Goat
    Soccer Goat

    2.07 Neymar hit suatez

  • abdollah max
    abdollah max

    ماكو عربي؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • Yasmin Jamil
    Yasmin Jamil

    Oh shit

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson

    It is meymars falt Barcelona bet psg

  • shreyansh srivastava
    shreyansh srivastava

    More football content starring the goat An co starring ronaldo 😂😂

  • imarn fan
    imarn fan

    Don't you dare make fun of salah

  • Sanela Marinkovic
    Sanela Marinkovic

    sancho lookin kinda T H I N

  • Erika Vanegas
    Erika Vanegas

    Did anyone see when cr7 got hit by the ball there sign said 0 for a second

  • Nathan Pratt
    Nathan Pratt

    Haaland and mbape are bffs but in this they hate eachother

  • rocco360 ita
    rocco360 ita

    Where is the free kick goat Çalhanoğlu

  • R7DR

    Messi: that wasn’t jodon sancho that was Nicholas sule

  • عيدي عيدي 2121
    عيدي عيدي 2121

    Mise hhhhhh

  • Jayden Ayala
    Jayden Ayala

    I liked when the ball from zlatan hit Ronaldos nose

  • David Hayfron
    David Hayfron

    Muller dressed as Sancho to give Haaland 1, epic 😂😂😂😂

  • adam ammach
    adam ammach

    It was thomas muller in disguise

  • Ulitmate Russian Slav
    Ulitmate Russian Slav

    If i am a cop and i need to arrest Ronaldo i will say Si you on prison

  • Ryan Li
    Ryan Li

    Unfair for salah

  • Ábel Szabó
    Ábel Szabó

    100-10=90 tho not 80 xd

  • rayan rrr
    rayan rrr

    Messi the bast bcos ronaldo not doo

  • Black fox
    Black fox

    Sancho is muller Hhhhhhh

  • FBI open up
    FBI open up

    3:25 Messi u can't knock out psg in the champions league but psg can lol 4-1 And second leg 1-1

  • Madhav's excellent show
    Madhav's excellent show

    Thomas Muller aka Jadon Sancho

  • TECHNOZ Malayalam
    TECHNOZ Malayalam

    Why always giving priority to Ronaldo than messi

  • HeartLxssヅ

    *FRONTMEN* Sidemen

  • Prek Preçaj
    Prek Preçaj

    7️⃣⚪⚫ f******************* Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Seth te Velde
    Seth te Velde

    I haven't watched this channel much, but does this guy make jokes about Ronaldo too?😂

  • Seth te Velde
    Seth te Velde

    I feel like he puts "most over rated player of all time" for Messi, to see if he can get triggered people in the comments 😂

  • Royal king Rblx
    Royal king Rblx

    the best part is when thomas muller says “yo yo yo”as jayden sancho lol

  • Sinan Sakic
    Sinan Sakic


  • Nic Gilbert
    Nic Gilbert

    i saw Roberto Carlos, but i was really young and my dad was too afraid to talk to him lol

  • Thangjam Naobicha
    Thangjam Naobicha

    Messi score 100

  • Dejv 335
    Dejv 335

    Why you dont like Ronaldo?

  • Mikhail Karapetian
    Mikhail Karapetian

    Will 110 :)

  • Cormac Flynn
    Cormac Flynn

    Did muller say the n word

  • Mohammed Alotibi
    Mohammed Alotibi

    كل زق

  • Leo_Messinumber100 Messi
    Leo_Messinumber100 Messi

    lmao have u guys always noticed neymars eyes opening wide when he repeats something

  • Thangjam Naobicha
    Thangjam Naobicha

    That is not Ronaldo

  • Navaneeth Navaneeth
    Navaneeth Navaneeth

    Zlatan rocks✌✌

  • Tabriz mapper
    Tabriz mapper

    Why Jardon Sancho is too long😂

  • Ahmad Al Bakri
    Ahmad Al Bakri

    3:25 Messi can't knock PSG out from the UCL he didn't do that yesterday 🤣

    • Civix


  • fahad khan
    fahad khan

    pagal ronaldo


    I like how the players are all suddenly left footed

  • TTV Zhad
    TTV Zhad

    1.7 nah mate 7 1 Lewandowski mate🤣😂

  • Jacopo Sgrignuoli
    Jacopo Sgrignuoli

    1:48 : Lewandowski:45/100 "It will be your rating on Fifa 21" CIT.

  • Bhavik Poddar
    Bhavik Poddar

    The most overrated player saying that Messi is overrated😂😂

  • Raheem Gumbs
    Raheem Gumbs

    The idiot with the big nose 😂😂



  • Sanchari Banerjee
    Sanchari Banerjee

    “One free-kick wonder, you’re just a one free-kick wonder” And so are you Penaldo

  • ammar yasser
    ammar yasser

    tjomas muller nbeing sancho LMAO

  • Caroline Abankwah
    Caroline Abankwah

    Love Ronaldo's outro

  • JakePlayz

    The idiot with the big nose

  • Platon Kovalev Official
    Platon Kovalev Official

    Sancho Was Thomas Muller 6:05 Why It's Happening To Mes Siiiii

  • jahlil scotland
    jahlil scotland

    missi say he can beat psg but 2021 psg wip his ass

  • Farrel Ivander
    Farrel Ivander

    Bff bff 😂😂

  • Amr El Sayed
    Amr El Sayed

    Rise!!!!!! Oh my goodness! Goodness gracious me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Oldschool gamer and Lover
    Oldschool gamer and Lover


  • PES 21 PES 21
    PES 21 PES 21



    Idiot with the big nose 🤣🤣

  • Şahmer KALKAN
    Şahmer KALKAN


  • Mo - Football and games
    Mo - Football and games

    3:25 are you sure about that 4-1

  • chikoplayzz

    Neymar = spammer

  • Klaus Mikaelson
    Klaus Mikaelson

    I love the way Gareth bale talks and just everything about him in 442ons They make him amazing

  • Chell Wahlang
    Chell Wahlang

    I love Zlatan

  • tabo sumbwa
    tabo sumbwa


  • Absolite Collecto
    Absolite Collecto

    But did I said zapata and ohhhhhh

  • Acer Aspire
    Acer Aspire

    5:12 I am laughing to this day


    SALAH IS BEST 👑👑👑👑👑

  • Intence Playz
    Intence Playz

    There wasn’t Ronaldo’s curve

  • Said ve Dostları
    Said ve Dostları

    It’s another ronaldo which is brasilian

  • M. Ihsan Nur Rahman
    M. Ihsan Nur Rahman

    5:53 5:39 3:12 0:24 0:33 1:56 2:55 5:54 0:54 3:34 3:37 1:31 1:54 2:15 5:56 1:27 3:49 2:22 2:29 1:50 2:06 4:50 1:02 2:18 3:29 3:11 1:48 2:07 2:58 0:29 1:20 1:25 2:23 3:08 2:01

  • RhinoGames

    Messi at the end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The great world of football
    The great world of football

    Check out my newest vid: 44oons members only vids fo free!!

  • Subhajit Mondal
    Subhajit Mondal

    6:05 OMG!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    ronaldo is a cheater

  • AS Jay
    AS Jay

    Messi: I can knock out psg in the champions league Barca: loses 1-4 to psg in the champions league (im a barca fan btw)

    • Enzo Rodrigues
      Enzo Rodrigues

      with suarez

    • Sam


  • Ryan Furgon
    Ryan Furgon

    3:25 didn’t age well :/

    • Enzo Rodrigues
      Enzo Rodrigues

      with suarez yes

    • Sam


  • pse mu po myt
    pse mu po myt

    Ronaldo not play in fotball

  • lukiless

    Ronaldo nood

  • Cillian Hogan
    Cillian Hogan

    What we wanted the real sancho

  • muhammed sahad k
    muhammed sahad k

    Salah best plzyer

  • Rosali A
    Rosali A

    It wasn’t sule it was muller 🤘

  • YaseenXVIII

    2:02 suarez with a shaved beard

  • Ahmed Ziad nada Hajiba
    Ahmed Ziad nada Hajiba

    Ronaldo messi

  • nameles

    Messi see muller as sule Because he is small 🤣🤣

  • Bibiana Pyngrope
    Bibiana Pyngrope

    See you next week.. 100/100, More corrupt that EA Sports..

  • tepigbro

    5:30 with the corruptions.

  • Haris Posavljak
    Haris Posavljak

    Why Salah??? My best footballer😪

  • Mohammed Salah
    Mohammed Salah

    Which team do you support 422oons

  • Bedo Gamer
    Bedo Gamer

    نهارك اسود محمد صلاح 0من 10 ازاي

  • Tamaau Tairi
    Tamaau Tairi

    The idiot with the big nose scores. 0/100 BULLSHIT

  • Ryan Oneill
    Ryan Oneill

    It’s annoying make salah look good for onelce

  • h15 panda
    h15 panda

    Its 90 for messi not 80 Ronaldo

  • Edwin 2.O
    Edwin 2.O


  • Vibhav

    Epic...!? It the best free kick of all time even Beckham free kick aren't that good

  • M. Ihsan Nur Rahman
    M. Ihsan Nur Rahman

    3:29 4:17


    Happy birthday to you cr7

  • cookie afonso carolas melo
    cookie afonso carolas melo

    #Man u

  • cookie afonso carolas melo
    cookie afonso carolas melo


  • Viviana Gonzales
    Viviana Gonzales

    Ya no tengo que hacer en

  • Edwin Karikari
    Edwin Karikari

    The winner is me with 100 hundred suuuuuuuuu