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  • yoface mnbbbvvcc
    yoface mnbbbvvcc

    football challenges romelu lukakau vs zlatan ibrahimovic make it happen

  • Alex graham
    Alex graham

    When they put on MSN song I smiled and then I didn't because me remembering MSN is dead

  • Nicolas Morales-gonzalez
    Nicolas Morales-gonzalez

    neymar took 6 min and 1 sec

  • DARKGAM2322Y

    Make top 10 muller cartoons

  • Harrison Caie
    Harrison Caie

    Not me getting this in my recommended after a year and Suarez leaving Barca

  • Abdelrahman Farrag
    Abdelrahman Farrag


  • Shauna Gaines
    Shauna Gaines

    I love when Messi is still happy after that


    i love how messi is walking like Conor McGregor

  • Kyle Love
    Kyle Love

    And why in the MSN song why for the most of the time Suarez looks shorter than messi ??

  • Kyle Love
    Kyle Love

    @17:01 hit me 😭😭

  • Shauna Gaines
    Shauna Gaines

    Who is the girl on barca

  • Dream Drive Discover
    Dream Drive Discover

    Poop I love it I’ve never watched a 442oons video before but I regret it so much.

  • Anirudha Choudhury
    Anirudha Choudhury

    The TEETH solo was LEFENDARY

  • GalacticOpz

    who came here after messi decided to retire after world cup 2022

    • Anirai Bindra
      Anirai Bindra

      @GalacticOpz I found nothing

    • GalacticOpz

      @Anirai Bindra my friend told me on ig but just search up 'is messi retiring from soccer'.

    • Anirai Bindra
      Anirai Bindra


    • Anirai Bindra
      Anirai Bindra


  • saad ahmad
    saad ahmad

    Who is after Suarez left fcb and real wins againts fcb

  • Katie Gransden
    Katie Gransden

    Ah the good 😌 old days 👍

  • Nb Navi
    Nb Navi

    O just wanna play one more Time as MMMMMSSSSSSNNNNNN

  • KB Gaming
    KB Gaming

    suarez y neymar vuelven a barcelona estoy triste por favor hazlo

  • arijan armin
    arijan armin


  • Nikki Gothard
    Nikki Gothard

    123 made me cry

  • PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
    PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre


  • Patrick


  • Leroy_loves_bondi 2020
    Leroy_loves_bondi 2020

    Anyone else wondering what piques phone says or is it just me?

  • Dragons 321
    Dragons 321

    In the 4-0, PSG vs Barca is it a coincidence that Neymar went his own way and Neymar left next season?

  • Hamza Kalam
    Hamza Kalam

    suarez carries this channel

  • Gk

    In number 4 why didnt they sell coutinho back to bayern he is more magical in bayern

  • docks 2
    docks 2


  • Charles Khalaf
    Charles Khalaf

    Who is the woman in barcas squad

  • tom toes
    tom toes

    Fav charcther is neymar

  • Sharifa Namwajje
    Sharifa Namwajje

    But Suarez's daughter has black hair

  • Ziqryl Hakeem
    Ziqryl Hakeem

    Pliss make top 10 MSN video

  • Mehnreeewaz Akhtar
    Mehnreeewaz Akhtar

    Fhfgftw4r4ewtetvhstet h tseh

  • Mr.pigeon man
    Mr.pigeon man

    I just realised how similar Luka Jovic and Marcus Rojo look(on 442oons)

  • Someone

    Here after Barca 1 - 4 PSG

  • Joseph Gomez
    Joseph Gomez

    Suarez, Ronaldo and Muller are my favourite 3

  • Stefania Octavia Peicu
    Stefania Octavia Peicu

    His best quote is "I'm a geniusssssss"

  • Dang Gaming
    Dang Gaming

    2014-2017 MNS 2018-2019 MS 2020-2021 M THE BEST TRIO EVER :( ITS SO SAD

  • Chiefs Kingdom
    Chiefs Kingdom

    Suarez dive won the game for Barca against PSG

  • the gaming king
    the gaming king

    FACK YOU RAMOS You are s***

  • Leatycia Muadi
    Leatycia Muadi

    Messi i love you kill psg gun

    • Leatycia Muadi
      Leatycia Muadi

      messi kill real Madrid

    • Leatycia Muadi
      Leatycia Muadi

      real Madrid lose

  • Leatycia Muadi
    Leatycia Muadi

    messi your the best in the

  • Max Davis Year 4
    Max Davis Year 4

    I hate bites I got bit by a sting rsy

  • Karl Fredrik Meikl
    Karl Fredrik Meikl

    Luis you are not genius

  • Nachu. Leo
    Nachu. Leo

    1:53 I laugh from just looking at him😂

  • Kuntay İnaç
    Kuntay İnaç

    Who can knows Messi is in 2021 lonely


    I am now in atleti , ooh 😔 but I'm a genius

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens

    How is 6-1 Barca not 1 and please make it a Spotify song lol

  • Sp1rit

    6-1 is honestly the best parody you have made

  • Senf I smell
    Senf I smell

    This is literally top 10 Suarez and Messi cartoons

  • ImmaXeno Goku1
    ImmaXeno Goku1

    Bit that real and why do i look scare idk

  • Octocube112

    Liooonel played me in i swept aside the sweeper keeper i nutmegged him

  • Elena Connell
    Elena Connell

    Football with on offside

  • Lasha Eliashvili
    Lasha Eliashvili

    Who there’s month’s after Suarez’s transfer to atletico madrid

  • Beatriz Antao
    Beatriz Antao


  • Beatriz Antao
    Beatriz Antao

    1M 2S 3M

  • Jamez Milamez
    Jamez Milamez

    Please bring back the draw my lives

  • I am God
    I am God

    Long live LM10

  • Aditya Raut
    Aditya Raut

    5:54 the best one 😂😂 Can watch every day

  • george lsaac
    george lsaac

    Klopp and suarez best character 😂😂😂


    They actually don't play together anymore 442 predicted the future

  • Paula Blankveina
    Paula Blankveina


  • steven gameplays
    steven gameplays

    Are u a bum

  • YousefSlayer 9164
    YousefSlayer 9164

    Look at piquè face at 3:44

  • YousefSlayer 9164
    YousefSlayer 9164

    I watched 442oons at 2015

  • SlavePlayz 69
    SlavePlayz 69

    It's funny cause the goalkeeper in 9 was drunk

  • _Cal The Ewok_
    _Cal The Ewok_

    15:14 is the most exciting, tense exchange of all time

  • Freak gamer
    Freak gamer

    Suarez is funniest charecter in 442oons

  • Eduardo Santos
    Eduardo Santos


  • Alvin Munyao
    Alvin Munyao


  • Eric Morgan
    Eric Morgan

    Who is watching this after Suarez leaves Barcelona? 😭😭😭😭

  • polski telefon
    polski telefon

    in 10 video i dont see 3 - 0


    How ir is funnny that they Will hey Mbappe, but no they believe Dembélé si Netter.


      Is better.

  • ChocolateSquid Gaming
    ChocolateSquid Gaming

    The song should've been like this messi you should wory about bayern cause this barca are utter shite 1-0 90 minutes later 8-2

  • Aryan Srivastava
    Aryan Srivastava

    Why didn't u put 'no Luis no cry' ? It's one of his best videos

  • Nestor GS
    Nestor GS

    1 Kostas Manolas 2 Lionel Messi 3 Cristiano Ronaldo 4 Neymar Jr 5 Cristiano Ronaldo 6 Mbappe 7 Luka Modrić 8 Mo Salah 9 Luis Swarez

  • luka maksimovic
    luka maksimovic

    Theres no way 6-1 isn't first

  • Kuzey Talk
    Kuzey Talk


  • Brian Bautista
    Brian Bautista

    There's no Debate. Suarez is the G.O.A.T of 442oons 🐐 🐐 🐐

  • James Martin
    James Martin

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    In the spurs one, when messi made the run but hit the post if that was anyone else the media would say he cant finish

  • Abhideep Jain
    Abhideep Jain

    Bye bye chewy👋👋

  • Daniel Aiguedo
    Daniel Aiguedo

    16:59 Who else expected this to be number 1

  • Kiril Georgiev
    Kiril Georgiev

    Suareze: but if someone says come to real madrid he’d say no, no, no. 2020 but if someone says to suareze come to athletico he’d say yes, yes, yes,

  • Mitchell musimenta
    Mitchell musimenta

    NeymarNeymar Junior in J and J

  • Dzaky DLS19 LIAR
    Dzaky DLS19 LIAR

    5:58 songs?

  • elpida kormoy
    elpida kormoy

    μου αρεσει αυτο το video

  • Crzy dras7us
    Crzy dras7us

    Number 8: "yes lets not play together!" 2020 Messi:Barca Suarez:Atleti Neymar:PSG

  • Mum calls me the rhino reupload
    Mum calls me the rhino reupload

    Messi is in all of these 😂

  • Jennifer. G. F
    Jennifer. G. F

    Chewy Suárez my favorite character ❤️

  • Full Time Sprout
    Full Time Sprout

    🍽 arms

  • Andres Bravo
    Andres Bravo

    Is that angel di Maria

  • R Khan
    R Khan

    Sub to my brother FK gamer

  • GameBase

    next time real madrid will win by 4+ goals

  • Sebastiano Quarta
    Sebastiano Quarta

    suarez mi morde

  • Dilip Kc
    Dilip Kc

    miss u suraez

  • Joel

    Who else is watching this now Suarez at Ateletico Madrid😭😭😭

  • DEX Payne
    DEX Payne

    Who is here after Suarez is sold😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Thor Boysen
    Thor Boysen

    I already miss Suarez as a Barca player...! :(

  • Bozhko Poryazov
    Bozhko Poryazov


  • Heraclez

    Ill miss chewy suarez