😂DODGY KEEPER!😂 Alisson vs Man City: the Disasterclass (1-4 Liverpool Goals Highlights Foden)
Liverpool 1-4 Man City: the cartoon!
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!

  • excel.sior.

    Klopp is my favourite 442oons character 😂😂 And I'm not even a Liverpool fan😂

  • Charlie P match attax
    Charlie P match attax

    I love it

  • Go TroniX
    Go TroniX

    Dean Money on man city my money on Chelsea 🔥❤️🔥❤️

  • Leon Lambe05
    Leon Lambe05

    Mancity my team with win

  • TÂm Vũ
    TÂm Vũ

    Klopp said :' alisson are dog' Tuchel said' Why don't you buy Kepa, if liverpool needs him, I'll sell it'

  • Tony Martial
    Tony Martial

    Im happy 1234 we are gonnna win the league we are gonna win the league now your gonna believe us now your gonna belive us now your gonna believe us we gonna win the league

  • Varsha Callychurn
    Varsha Callychurn

    Buy a new goalkeeper

  • Ege Bulut Topatan
    Ege Bulut Topatan

    Liverpool: we dont want alisson anymore Besiktas:hey hey

  • Dean J
    Dean J

    0:21 look at the right corner of the screen and u will see Adrian


    2 years ago kloop says that he don't understand how it's not 1-1 And says hi is no 1 But now he is a dogy keeper

  • Özbay Erdağı
    Özbay Erdağı


  • alexloukopoulos

    Now we need a version called what should we do with a dodgy striker for Mane and Firmino!

  • beyond ultragaming
    beyond ultragaming

    0:36 its made a mounth or two later he now has a handlebar tash 🤣

  • Jake Garratt
    Jake Garratt

    Nun u

  • l b
    l b


  • saoud al nuwais
    saoud al nuwais

    Man city

  • FaiZaL Official HD
    FaiZaL Official HD

    What song real?

  • El_brabo2020

    Alison back at Brasil ( I don't know English right)

  • Keryn Jeffs
    Keryn Jeffs


  • Đức Trung Trần
    Đức Trung Trần

    Klopp said to Alisson: I said carry us not Karius

  • cameron norton
    cameron norton

    nah my money's on man utd

  • killer Queen
    killer Queen

    Alisson Brazilian pride

  • nesquik

    Klopp:what whould we do with the worlds best keeper De Gea:No i am Neuer:Me Or De Gea Kepa:Me Im Coach Ederson:Me Not Allison

  • Pes Pillay
    Pes Pillay

    Allison just had a bad day he is the world's best keeper

    • Pes Pillay
      Pes Pillay

      Change your team ekse

    • the lets player
      the lets player

      Na he is shit kepa is better and i am a city fan

  • Nasser firas
    Nasser firas

    We want something like that for Sani 😂❤️

  • bayern fan
    bayern fan

    Allison looks like Hitler with that mistake

  • z gamer
    z gamer

    Can't believe that match was from 2 months ago😅😅

  • Ntando Dhliwayo
    Ntando Dhliwayo

    Love Kloop I’m all these videos 🥰

  • Marshall Smith
    Marshall Smith

    Here’s the thing though. Unless LFC don’t send Karius on yet another loan, They will have to do ‘Idea Verse 2’ ‘Idea 2’ regardless of if Allison makes up for his errors

  • Nindroid Chief
    Nindroid Chief

    1:06 poor Bobby

  • Pranjal A. Tiwari
    Pranjal A. Tiwari

    They predicted Allison's new look

  • Emanuele Marseglia
    Emanuele Marseglia

    Allison no Franco Arman8

  • حسام مسعود
    حسام مسعود


  • Da Hylian Able
    Da Hylian Able

    The original song is What Should We Do To The Drunken Sailor

  • Football History
    Football History

    Allison has a handlebar tash now...

  • Smlbabyyoda Conza
    Smlbabyyoda Conza

    Is because he get in old

  • Ahmet Baba
    Ahmet Baba

    Beşiktaş pepe

  • Ahmet Baba
    Ahmet Baba


  • Pataki Krisz Pataki Krisz
    Pataki Krisz Pataki Krisz


  • hrvati u finalima
    hrvati u finalima

    Help me

  • NøT Pico
    NøT Pico

    I think Allison is dead of this match

  • Gail Crowther
    Gail Crowther

    The mustash actually happened lol

  • Milena Zivkovic
    Milena Zivkovic


  • Alfred Harrysson
    Alfred Harrysson

    Jag har inte Jag

  • Daniel Honorio
    Daniel Honorio

    0:37 who's here after he did it

  • Thomas Boyle
    Thomas Boyle

    0:37 who is here after he actually looks like this

    • Mireille Bassil
      Mireille Bassil

      not really the same the real life moustache is smaller

    • SuperGamer123


  • maheraj tahin
    maheraj tahin

    0:39 alisson has the same moustache now 442oons is a genius


    yav bu karius 0:33 de beşiktaşa borç verin mi diyor

  • Angelo Alpha
    Angelo Alpha

    0:35 they actually did this irl

    • Mireille Bassil
      Mireille Bassil

      but it's smaller

  • Max Klade
    Max Klade

    Wait did 442oon predict that alisson would cut his beard😳

    • Josep Maria Bartomeu
      Josep Maria Bartomeu

      @Max Klade grow up

    • Max Klade
      Max Klade

      @Josep Maria Bartomeu are you alowed to use your phone in prison

    • Josep Maria Bartomeu
      Josep Maria Bartomeu

      Yes I was going to write that


    1:40 I love the girls

  • hamzi 177 City are the best
    hamzi 177 City are the best

    Can you please do Leicester vs Man City parody highlights

  • Johel Aguilar
    Johel Aguilar

    442oons predicted alisson's new look 0:37

  • Falling Cheese
    Falling Cheese

    0:38 Who is here after he got it?😂

  • We Are Gamers
    We Are Gamers

    Liverpool is the best team in the would lol. Allison is the best keeper i ever seen his just tog good lol

    • the lets player
      the lets player

      Na he is shit he let goals past that even kharious or what ever the fuck his name is would

  • mirjana stojanovic
    mirjana stojanovic

    I am fan liverpool i cry in that match man city win 4-1 fuck you man city

  • Mohammad Bahrami
    Mohammad Bahrami

    I think alisson see this video😂😂

  • So you're wrong
    So you're wrong

    AlLiSoN iS tHe BeSt KeEpEr In ThE WoRlD

  • Rajay Reid
    Rajay Reid

    Prediction correct Allison's shave

  • Oscar Alexander Barreto Martinez
    Oscar Alexander Barreto Martinez

    #Karius Allison que San Miguel

  • roblox like
    roblox like

    Kariyos best alison not best

  • Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva
    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva

    Ele não precisa aprender chutar, com as mãos ele é o melhor do mundo junto com Neuer e Oblak.

  • Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva
    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva

    Coitado do Alisson kkkk

  • Janet Luponelo
    Janet Luponelo

    treat players nice

  • Fendio Wahyu
    Fendio Wahyu

    0:37 that is him now

  • APEX

    0:38 holey hevens 442oons predicted the future again

  • Game Sam
    Game Sam


    • Lucas

      Te vi em outro comentário

    • Lucas

      @donate 555 tu e br

    • Lucas

      @donate 555 what oque

    • donate 555
      donate 555


  • Decia Machinho
    Decia Machinho

    The karius is the besr of alisson or kepa or adrian

  • DinoThingy

    0:37 when u realize that 442oons predict that moustache for Allison. And it came true

    • Finn Nash
      Finn Nash

      @Mireille Bassil iym for

    • Mireille Bassil
      Mireille Bassil

      @Finn Nash *know

    • Finn Nash
      Finn Nash

      Yea I no

    • Mireille Bassil
      Mireille Bassil

      @Pes Pillay ikr

    • Pes Pillay
      Pes Pillay

      He looks bad with the mustache

  • Enes Özdemir
    Enes Özdemir

    0:32/2:32 Allison plase Besiktas

  • Luke Boycott
    Luke Boycott

    From a scouse fan the first 1.10 is catchy af😂

  • Lai Chee Kheng
    Lai Chee Kheng

    This is the first time or Man city

  • Lai Chee Kheng
    Lai Chee Kheng

    Hahahaha hahaha you lose Liverpool

  • Masafa Marefu
    Masafa Marefu

    Alison is from hero to zero

  • abdelrhman wagdi
    abdelrhman wagdi


  • AdamFsking08 TV
    AdamFsking08 TV

    0:19 in the right back have someone

  • Harry gargate
    Harry gargate

    Not his fault his mum did die

  • Noëla Baptista
    Noëla Baptista

    wat stom die trener

  • Carla Lopes
    Carla Lopes

    Aqui também já está corrigido pela primeira vez que eu não tenho

  • miha bizjak
    miha bizjak

    I ❤ man city

  • Kadir Fırat Aydın
    Kadir Fırat Aydın

    Alisson come Beşiktaş 🤣

  • The Sim Family
    The Sim Family

    What club was that on karius shirt

  • Los Gameplays de Alejandro
    Los Gameplays de Alejandro

    #karius jajajaa

  • NoEffort InFact
    NoEffort InFact

    Do kepa🤣

  • Irene Acosta
    Irene Acosta

    Liverpool champion

  • Azri Hazim 19
    Azri Hazim 19

    What's the original song?

  • Pratick Bhowmick
    Pratick Bhowmick

    "What do we do with the drunken sailor"

  • shaimaa galal
    shaimaa galal


  • Omar Band
    Omar Band

    Spongebob music 😂😂😂

  • Muhammed Ali Samancı
    Muhammed Ali Samancı

    Ben türküm

  • Muhammed Ali Samancı
    Muhammed Ali Samancı

    Türk varmı


    kok ada diberanda gw sh:"(


    What i don't accept the Alisson is good i"m from Brazil so you respect Brazilians equally we respect you (without offending)

    • Gabriel Oliveira
      Gabriel Oliveira

      @Gos BS losing a little football match is a thing,losing 2 World Wars is another...

    • Gos BS
      Gos BS


  • Zaid Smadi
    Zaid Smadi

    What should we do for dodgy keeper Champions league bro

  • Hatice Sönmez
    Hatice Sönmez

    1:11 dead alisson dad

  • Daylen Eddins
    Daylen Eddins

    I wish you would've done this on Davinson Sanchez and Eric Dier and Matt Doherty and Harry Winks

  • Ana Celik
    Ana Celik

    Alison vs city mor like Kepa vs city

  • Sport and og gaming
    Sport and og gaming

    Should have done this when lenglet gave away pen vs Cadiz # Barca fan

  • Tax Portia
    Tax Portia

    My money is on man city to win the league

  • original gamer Quality
    original gamer Quality

    Allison legend

73 tis.