🏆442oons ANIMATORS' TOP 1️⃣0️⃣🏆
I've buggered off for a week's holiday so Sam, Mike and Jay (the 442oons Animation heroes) put together their Top 10 videos ever ... without me even knowing!
Well done boys and enjoy the break! You earned it.
Show the guys some love in the comments - they do all the hard work these days! 😘😘😘
And thanks to you guys for watching - no viewers = no videos = no jobs!
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  • Maitreyo Das
    Maitreyo Das

    U guys are the Sergio busquests of 442oons

    • Steven Wertyuiooo
      Steven Wertyuiooo

      @Aristocratic_Democratic Man, I was watching football when Barcelona was playing with Xavi-Iniesta-Bosquets in midfield and everyone was wondering how the hell Sergio Bosquets was able to find a place next to Iniesta and Xavi. He only started getting recognition the last few years, when people started forgetting/were not alive during his 'peak' . It is quite funny how a player can build a 'legacy' from being next to other players and when people forgot how he actually used to play, they started calling them 'underrated' .

    • Aristocratic_Democratic

      @Steven Wertyuiooo Nah, Sergio Busquets is one of the greatest of all time

    • KOMPO

      Dude they are not shit

  • Robyn Bowers
    Robyn Bowers

    442oons needs to recreate the characters video

  • WhoseAqua

    faq it

  • Sean Butler
    Sean Butler

    1: 140 Character Voices 2: 3 Million Subscriber Special 3: Brazil 1 Germany 7 Football Flashbacks 4: Real 3 Paris 1 Cartoon 5 MSN 2015 Cartoon 6: Bayern 4 Atletico 0 Cartoon 7: Barca 2 Bayern 8 Cartoon 8: Man U 3 Liverpool 2 Bruno Magnifico 9: Alison Liverpool 1 Man City 4 10: Manchester Is Red

  • Torkild Grøn-Martinsen
    Torkild Grøn-Martinsen

    17:49: I think that Gareth Bale statue is a statue of Zlatan

  • S.C.B - Top Eleven
    S.C.B - Top Eleven

    7:33 Only footballers fans will understand this 🤣

  • JustVincent

    8:20 lmao Mesut smiled

  • Mr Genius
    Mr Genius

    So when is ur birthday

  • dergamer 0310
    dergamer 0310

    This video was on the same day just like my birthday

  • ImBlxze

    3:04 stonghenge sized teeth 😂😂😂

  • Z41N- ZER0
    Z41N- ZER0

    a guy called 35cristianoronaldo is copywriting 442oons for veiws

  • tubbs

    The Wayne Rooney one was jokes

  • NotCG

    24:48 why does Neymar run like that

  • Kutenda Chinomona
    Kutenda Chinomona

    Happy birthday Dean

  • Student-BSK Mohammed Fawwaz Abdulla Bin Jumah Alteneiji 3C
    Student-BSK Mohammed Fawwaz Abdulla Bin Jumah Alteneiji 3C

    Why did you say no photograph in Suarez jail but you took a photo of suarez

  • Kyle's universe
    Kyle's universe

    The first 1 looks very poor now its amazing


    ronaldo : we all know whose team you would preafer *one year later* ronaldo: ahem

  • fungo rosso
    fungo rosso

    442oons puoi fare Insigne e Tomas 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Unknown Gaming
    Unknown Gaming

    Juventus 1 - 4 Real Madrid was my first video. Thanks 442oons.

  • Unknown Gaming
    Unknown Gaming

    Could not find this on the channel

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens

    What about 6-1 Barca

  • Sweater At fortnite
    Sweater At fortnite


  • connect gamer
    connect gamer

    the bob(by) is ronneys favrorite hair

  • Nathan

    What happened to Sam

    • Spanish 442oons fan
      Spanish 442oons fan


    • Imran Muktar
      Imran Muktar

      He quit

  • Nathan

    I will never give up on 442oons 442oons till I die

  • ツSami Gaming YTꪜ
    ツSami Gaming YTꪜ

    11:34 bet he changed it to SIX TIMES


    We’re s the cheapest win 6-0



  • pie king
    pie king


  • Balk Flexer
    Balk Flexer

    Wher s the football countdown

  • Andrijana Djurdjevic
    Andrijana Djurdjevic


  • Ugoh Charles
    Ugoh Charles

    The first animation was so boring

  • KEVIN Rajinder 2008
    KEVIN Rajinder 2008

    Sam sound so friendly lol😂

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon

    who is here after *Sam* left

  • Mohd Roselan Mohd Yusof
    Mohd Roselan Mohd Yusof

    Do a video with Sam.

  • PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
    PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre


  • Xd_mrshark

    Mae Ron ddim yn dda fel bale yn cymru achos maen Ron yn dod o portugal

  • Logan Deem
    Logan Deem

    They should do one of these now

  • Ebad Rahmani
    Ebad Rahmani

    Hahaha 8-2 msn number 2 comeback in ur faxe

    • Ebad Rahmani
      Ebad Rahmani

      I mean face

  • Andrew Mcgill
    Andrew Mcgill

    442oons are the best

  • Hazzafcf11

    Giroud's sprint is slower than hisnwalk

  • Markiplier x JackSepticEye For Lifeu
    Markiplier x JackSepticEye For Lifeu

    Good job

  • Cillian Bradley
    Cillian Bradley

    I met aftv they’re actually really nice

  • Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy
    Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

    Sexy GQ

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali

    Hey 442oons

  • DSPN

    8:34 to 8:53 best chorus

  • Blake's Puppet channel
    Blake's Puppet channel

    Happy birthday dean

  • Lyndon

    Why are most vids are arsenal btw 2020?

  • diyan playz games
    diyan playz games

    Ive watched every single vid from ge first one till the very recent one Btw youre cartoon is like messi ronaldo and pele combined its just the best combination ever

  • Praneeth Vigashan
    Praneeth Vigashan


  • Sudip Chakraborty
    Sudip Chakraborty

    who else remembers this scene?Silence of the lambs yeahh What a creativity!! Great I mean that really awesome 442oons team. You all are doing an awesome job

  • Flink !
    Flink !

    Who is watching this 2020

  • George Haf
    George Haf

    Suarez's look when they say everybody loves three

  • Deshay Dillinger
    Deshay Dillinger

    Now that I look back on these I think they should recreate these

  • Pearl Leyka
    Pearl Leyka

    Still there in 2020 love 442

  • Jasmin Kruse
    Jasmin Kruse

    My name is Ron

  • Minqweno Pinyana
    Minqweno Pinyana

    Can you bring back wacky races at the end of each season plz

  • Wayne Kelly
    Wayne Kelly

    U guys are the Messi of 442oons and dean is Ronaldo

  • Steven Neuer
    Steven Neuer

    Great Work Guys you are all awesome but where is 11 blue bottle jobs and Messi Shape of you that would have been awesome and Messi Is Back for sure ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you all Great work

  • AstroNerf

    Who coming 2020

  • ChickenZR

    I Love 442oons

  • Nick Astley
    Nick Astley

    Top 2: 1. Barca 6-1 PSG The Best Comeback Ever 2. MSN Song Barca 3-2 Bayern

  • Jhoni Hernandez
    Jhoni Hernandez

    Has anyone saw zlatan behind of Sam 26:06

  • Chetan Anand
    Chetan Anand

    About to hit 3M 😍😍

  • kirk gwinnutt
    kirk gwinnutt

    Wayne Rooney you're the worst contract for Derby County

  • Arjun Raman
    Arjun Raman

    Who is watching after Arsene Wenger got fired and was replaced by Unai Emery?

  • Rumah Milka
    Rumah Milka

    442oons ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Фёдор Дастоевский
    Фёдор Дастоевский

    Oh, waited for BOOM x 4 (Arsenal FC 0-4 Liverpool )

  • Nick Astley
    Nick Astley

    Why put the first vid (feat. Chewy Suarez) in only 10th place? It should be higher

  • Alek Cabrera
    Alek Cabrera

    24:56 Good old days when Barcelona won 3-0 at home in a semifinal of the Champions League and didn't bottle it in the 2nd leg

  • Kacper Slezak
    Kacper Slezak


  • B3n3n3aChGamer

    I love dean

  • Andro Duka
    Andro Duka


  • Nirmay Patel
    Nirmay Patel

    5:32 is what I live for

  • Sahar Davies
    Sahar Davies

    It roney

    • Sahar Davies
      Sahar Davies


  • Jack Jerram
    Jack Jerram

    MCN's not hot and Phace Jones Song are both legendary and should've been at least mentioned

  • JOE

    Nearly all of the videos have arsenal in

  • 14,000 subs con videos raros?
    14,000 subs con videos raros?


  • Ibrahim Javaid
    Ibrahim Javaid


  • Ifakat Siva
    Ifakat Siva

    1️⃣0️⃣ I thought it was 5️⃣ LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lerky lucl2m
    Lerky lucl2m

    The Lord better hair looks best on wayne

  • Oliver /Lufc fan
    Oliver /Lufc fan

    Wayne the ogre's doll is a naked man 😅

  • Nirmay Patel
    Nirmay Patel

    5:32 is the moment I just realise how fucked up Suarez and Wenger are

  • Blessed Chitambira
    Blessed Chitambira

    To me, the middle hairstyle is fit for Wayne

  • The S fam Squad
    The S fam Squad

    Haha 😂 this is great and I’m watching the first one

  • ASWD gaming
    ASWD gaming


  • Alfie Locke
    Alfie Locke

    Wenger lost to west brom (i remember that game)

  • EDC

    The bobby

  • cathal J
    cathal J


  • Momodou Samba
    Momodou Samba

    When did Suarez get in Barcelona😶

    • aahilj

      2014 summer

  • Powerfulfork 34
    Powerfulfork 34

    No body: Babies at 3am: 32:58

  • myles sullivan
    myles sullivan

    I was the millionth viewer

  • H4s4N 212
    H4s4N 212

    6-1 Barcelona psg

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller

    He’s not sexy

  • RAPZY Music
    RAPZY Music

    Most of thes vids are about arsenal

  • RAPZY Music
    RAPZY Music

    C-R-I-S-T-I-A-N-O R-O-N-A-L-D-O D-O-S S-A-N-T-O-S A-V-E-I-R-O Ohh thanks mum this name is just so looooong

  • RAPZY Music
    RAPZY Music

    16:42 wow now ronaldo's at Juventus and he said that to Buffon

  • Lucas Mitchell
    Lucas Mitchell

    I'm so glad that Arsene Wenger isn't a manager anymore because he always says something about his players and not himself the nutter/numpty/idiot

  • HH Tyms
    HH Tyms

    My top ten is Phil coutihio and Zlatan q&a 9 is 6-1 8 is this is me ronaldo 7 is neymar and messi World Cup q&a 6 is Chris smalling they say he’s the GOAT 5 is Salah egiption king 4 is footballers did love island 3 is Phil coutinhio Bayern song 2 is face time from characters 1 IS COUHTINIHO DESPASITO

  • Abdulla 2000x
    Abdulla 2000x

    Mandy scored a bicycle kick not a volley

  • TheMontajcı

    6:10 this vid has my favorite vid list