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  • Nate Kang
    Nate Kang

    0:35 lol why does Gilmour have the wrong squad number (the one he had last year)

  • D11 1⃣1⃣
    D11 1⃣1⃣


  • Ab Ramz
    Ab Ramz

    2019 442oons Virgil face is better than 2021 442oons Virgil face

  • Tia Hoyte
    Tia Hoyte

    Why koeman sais: I meant who is riqui puig?😂😂 man didnt even know that puig is in squad

  • Swarnendu Bhattacharya
    Swarnendu Bhattacharya

    4 years later now this transfer changed everything, it laid to the downfall of barcelona, it also gave birth to that coutinho deal which gave liverpool enough money to aquire van dijk , and lastly it also caused the entire msn to fall apart

  • Dominic y Dayana
    Dominic y Dayana


  • Dominic y Dayana
    Dominic y Dayana


  • Jezer Mendoza
    Jezer Mendoza

    I miss these 2017 vibes

  • Xeno SSJ Rose
    Xeno SSJ Rose

    Guys if you see neymar at 1:14, 3:06 and 7:09 Neymar has beard. But at 6:49, he has no beard.... WT..

  • Arunoday Ray
    Arunoday Ray

    For Man City vs Chelsea please do what should we do with the dodgy striker 🙏

  • Daniel Patino
    Daniel Patino

    I want more of these videos 😂


    When will come frontmen again.. cristiano oragantaldo

  • Ruben Chan
    Ruben Chan

    Real madraid win 436,they must have broke salah and allison arms, lol

  • tanmay s
    tanmay s

    i hate when people compare the 4 goats with each other Pele Messi Ronaldo and maradona if anyone compares the. i hate that person


    No wonder koeman sell Suarez lol

  • Noob U Tuber
    Noob U Tuber

    Barca: We need to win Laliga. Ronald Koeman: Wait my phone is ringing.

  • Curly A.K.A Dennis best friend
    Curly A.K.A Dennis best friend

    RIP Diego Maradona 1960-2020 ⚽️⚽️🇦🇷

  • Gorazd Dimovski
    Gorazd Dimovski

    What is the name of the original song?

  • Joseph Napoli
    Joseph Napoli


  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza

    Who's here after psg knocked out bayern in the ucl 2021

  • Benjamin Gong
    Benjamin Gong

    If I could use Koeman's ringtone as my own, I definitely would.

  • Kw͜͡ GØDŻĪŁÄ Æ
    Kw͜͡ GØDŻĪŁÄ Æ

    Plesss van daik vs Ramos vs Gerad Piuqa

  • Samuel1127 Lee
    Samuel1127 Lee

    Tuchel to Guardiola: No title party you can cry if you want to Cry if you want to Cry if you want to I will cry too if I just lost 1-2

  • Rifky Faturahman
    Rifky Faturahman

    WHO'S HERE before UEFA Champions League FINAL in 29 May, 442oons?

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    Klopp idea was the best 😅

  • Gastino Surlin T
    Gastino Surlin T

    Zidane was on eminem mode

  • Helen MacKinnon
    Helen MacKinnon

    Man City v Chelsea

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr Gamer

    Mahrez make the goal not Kevin de Bruyn

  • Cryptic_Scope

    Poor mbappe and haaland

  • Asserian Sport
    Asserian Sport

    Who's here after the boring 0-0

  • Kinesiska Buvängen
    Kinesiska Buvängen

    LOL 0-0

  • Sandra Vivan
    Sandra Vivan


  • Andreas Darsaklis
    Andreas Darsaklis

    1:17 That was hilarious 🤣

  • Vien Lawrence Gabato
    Vien Lawrence Gabato

    His old picture was the kit he wore winning the CL vs Sampodria 😆

  • George Sardelas
    George Sardelas

    Finally the prophecy is near Dean will finally win some many after years of losing😂😂

  • #PEKKA14 [DE]
    #PEKKA14 [DE]

    1:13 😂

  • Nopal MA
    Nopal MA

    Messi can try

  • Mogamad Aashieq Nackerdien
    Mogamad Aashieq Nackerdien

    Who all agrees that Phil Jones has the best and funniest voice in 442oons.

  • saitama opm
    saitama opm

    0:21 truuuth🤣

  • Tomáš Dvořák
    Tomáš Dvořák

    A time when 442oons predicted the future. Ronaldo scores a insane bicycle kick and tells Bale Not to copy him. Bale a few months later: “Hold my bear”

  • Марат Хуснутдинов
    Марат Хуснутдинов

    Novichok XDDD

  • Daniel Aiguedo
    Daniel Aiguedo

    He scored his first Liverpool goal 7 months and 11 days later...... Let that sink in

  • Tyrell

    Jo I’m here again

  • Stephen Thomas 1
    Stephen Thomas 1

    Everyone being putting man City pfps now..

  • Stephen Thomas 1
    Stephen Thomas 1

    El plastico