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  • justSnowy

    Yooo mark goldbirdge's collab

  • marcus lam
    marcus lam

    I would like to see Ibrahima Konaté first day in Liverpool.

  • Ebe Aguebor
    Ebe Aguebor

    Girlish first day at man city

    • Ebe Aguebor
      Ebe Aguebor

      Girlish first day at man city

  • Andrea Nitschke
    Andrea Nitschke

    Hahohe Hertha BSC Berlin 🗨💙

  • Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
    Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV

    _Fun fact:_ Man Utd has putted Van de Beek's job in their shirt: *Team Viewer*

  • Ian Choi
    Ian Choi

    Nuno joining Tottenham

  • El Barcelonista 🔵🔴
    El Barcelonista 🔵🔴

    Aguero and Ramos first day?

  • Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury
    Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury

    Sancho : Who is that guy? Ole : No idea. lmao

  • pat

    Lool pogba 😹😹😹😹😹🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • D and J
    D and J

    Pls do this video for Hakimi

  • Inimfon Ekpoh
    Inimfon Ekpoh

    The are back 😭😭😭😭 I missed you guys

  • Faakir Kalam
    Faakir Kalam

    Dean this is funny. Sooo funny the part with Goldbridge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Darjan Trajkov
    Darjan Trajkov

    Man united are gonna win the premier league!!!!!

  • Ian Choi
    Ian Choi

    All transfer reactions so far for Premier League

  • The Algerian Tank
    The Algerian Tank

    Haaland has been linked with Chelsea, and Chelsea only. Neither Manchester United nor any other club showed serious intention in the Norwegian striker.

  • Chris Hannam
    Chris Hannam

    Last Week I asked for this, My Dream has come True😂

  • Jorje Perez
    Jorje Perez

    Agueroooooo first day at Barca

  • OfficialBenSV

    Aaron wan bisaka holding a sign saying Charlie Austin is a twat because it’s true things you love to see😂😂😭😭

  • Tobbogun

    Is that a Bruno Pen?

  • Styles

    My da literally has ms

  • Vivaan Menon
    Vivaan Menon

    Why does pogba cover up all of the sudden at 1:07?

  • Alan angel
    Alan angel

    Welcome Jadon to the reds

  • PooMan69

    The nostalgia is unbearable

  • Skyren Films
    Skyren Films

    I really hope Ole starts De Gea not Henderson in goal


    It seems this was well prepared for along time

  • George Mwale
    George Mwale

    The dribbling drill💀😂😂👏

  • Reece Bates
    Reece Bates

    One player on the Man City bench is missing a number on their short

  • Renzo fraccascia
    Renzo fraccascia

    DIBU Henrderson 1:17

  • Wandi Banda
    Wandi Banda

    That mark goldbridge came was funny and true lol

  • Afraz Ajmal
    Afraz Ajmal

    No kun ageuroooooo first day in Barcelona

  • Carmen Pina
    Carmen Pina

    I play 5 fanils just 1

  • The Dawg
    The Dawg

    Memphis first day at barca 👉🦁👈

  • Mars The Pro
    Mars The Pro

    I dont think haland is sad that he missed out man U

  • Billy The Communist
    Billy The Communist

    dean forgot to give kane the 18/19 spurs kit

  • Andri Már Steinsson
    Andri Már Steinsson

    Varane First day at man utd

  • myxtic-gamer

    During the euros he was uploading 2 in 24 hours for a month straight! Give him a break

  • Brah Moumouni Saley
    Brah Moumouni Saley

    and also all the barça and psg new singnigs please

  • Xander Grogan
    Xander Grogan

    2021 22 premier league song soon! What are we guessing will be the song??

  • Zaric Santo
    Zaric Santo

    Dean can we get a video on the concacaf final Mexico vs America.?

  • Charlie Umayam
    Charlie Umayam


  • Gavin Mcgee
    Gavin Mcgee

    What the hell is this

  • Tasneem Bhabhrawala
    Tasneem Bhabhrawala

    442oons is the best

  • Salvador Deportes
    Salvador Deportes

    0:44 1:05

  • samira salmin
    samira salmin

    What was the reason of David Marshall running away from Patrik Schick and why would that have happened? Comment below and check out the other EURO 2020 recent videos below too! Thanks as helpfully for watching this video everyone and watch the EURO 2020 videos that are coming live in one of the sport channels in HRless whilst it happens

  • Marlon Herr
    Marlon Herr

    1:43 1:47 1:52 1:58 KDB: LET THEY TALK

  • Mateo Serrano
    Mateo Serrano

    I love your vids great job

  • Isaacjosephmarsh Marsh
    Isaacjosephmarsh Marsh

    Aww neymar looks cute in the little nappy

  • Jonathan Aguilera
    Jonathan Aguilera

    Do you guys think he is going to be a flop ? ( like Sanchez).

  • Killox Mapper
    Killox Mapper

    Manchester United: Probably trying to re-create the England team

  • samira salmin
    samira salmin

    What has happened to Leroy Sane whilst his teammates Müller and Lewandowski were reacting to the match between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City? Was it a heart attack or did he collapse this year in the Bundesliga or the Champions League? Let me know your predictions in the comments below, I have no idea how he has been in the cross on the Goggle in the Box reacting space. You can help me Dean if I have no opinions about what happened to him if you want and if you don’t, write how I can fix Leroy Sane in the reply box below. Tschüss and cut!

  • Jack Forbes 8
    Jack Forbes 8

    manutd wont be able to afford both sancho and haarland

  • 4th Wall Breaker’s
    4th Wall Breaker’s

    I would be excited to see season 3 of the Frontmen!

  • shing shing
    shing shing

    When is the frontmen coming back

  • Tjerk Oostendorp
    Tjerk Oostendorp

    He didn’t have to do that to van de beek 😂

  • Isabel Hernandez Otero
    Isabel Hernandez Otero


  • Pombili Pohamba
    Pombili Pohamba

    Welcome back Dean❤️ Mark Goldbridge part😂😂😂

  • Master Applewhaite
    Master Applewhaite

    Lolol Mark and his blowup dolls are freaking halarious!!!🤣🤣

  • samira salmin
    samira salmin

    Can you tell us why Jürgen Klopp are helping Sadio Mane as he had a very big problem during the Premier League during the international break? Write it in the comments below. I don’t like managers that are helping players instead of doing fun activities during the international break but anyway John Henry will help him up. Once you’ve done it, give it a like ya’ Danish Højbjerg twinkling world classes!

  • Olmaha A. Tjemsland
    Olmaha A. Tjemsland

    Can i watch Sergio aguero and memphis first day at barcelona?

  • samira salmin
    samira salmin

    This is just a reminder for you guys, you can call any Premier League footballers to do their own rabonas which is totally free to train on a session and do it in every single Premier League match! Go to the Phone app and call them and if you don’t know their phone numbers, put up your own emergency numbers and call the emergency meetings to let me know what their phone numbers is or you can tell all the emergency numbers in England if you are Premier League football fans to write all their emergency numbers in the comments. This will be having more difficulty but anyway a new football fan from Tottenham Hotspur and reactor David Gibbs who is usually from England, born in 6 July 1995 (age 26), born in Tottenham will help you to solve the emergency numbers the meetings are commenting in the comments, actually he will see how he will do it. Anyway accept it now David, ya’ English diving cheat!

  • ExoticLemur

    1:31 With man united’s “team viewer” jerseys, they finally put player names on the front.

  • amon hashili
    amon hashili

    I missed this

  • Bananafofoking

    Do sergio ramos first day att psg?

  • Aryan Karadkar
    Aryan Karadkar

    He's back

  • SneakyLike

    Poor Matic....

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar

    I just realised that Phil Jones is still a United player.

  • Vanja Aleksic
    Vanja Aleksic

    Matic's sprint🔥🔥🔥

  • Omar Leo
    Omar Leo

    No sancho :(

  • samira salmin
    samira salmin

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