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  • GHB Tanjung anom
    GHB Tanjung anom

    Shoope 😂😂😂

  • Sheldon Fernandes
    Sheldon Fernandes

    Now everyone knows that it wasn't a pen ..but barkadogs vl still blame the refs for the pen nd those 4 mins.. Instead of thanking zidane for subbing the monsters like benz, kross nd vini ..

  • Ian Alfred
    Ian Alfred


  • Svetlana Afanaseva
    Svetlana Afanaseva

    I watch this match yesterday, I like this cartoon 😂😂😂

  • drrtyi jiogg
    drrtyi jiogg

    I watch the first few seconds, and just seeing the slippery surface signs, the snowman and hearing the beat, I'm loving it already.

  • nawaf adel
    nawaf adel

    Hate you I like what is it another person

  • JuanLELE YT
    JuanLELE YT

    now in this last years he has won 9 ligas 6 copas del rey 4 champions leagues 3 uefa super cups 3 fifa world club cup AND 6 GOLDEN THINGS hahahaaa!!!! did you hear Cristiano i say 6, CR7: talk to me when you win a UCL or a international trophy

  • Syed Malysia
    Syed Malysia

    Dean where is mingueza goal?

  • M1GPS4

    Ronaldo: I LOOK LIKE HARRY MAGUIRE Harry Maguire watching this videos: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO DO DO YOU KNOW WHO WHO I AM?

  • William Pike
    William Pike


  • Riccardo Bussoletti
    Riccardo Bussoletti

    Buffon Lahm Maldini Beckenbauer Roberto Carlos Xavi Zidane Pirlo Messi Ronaldo Maradona

  • Tarso Rizo Ribeiro
    Tarso Rizo Ribeiro

    What a clown

  • M1GPS4

    Fun Not Fact Trent looks like Iker Casillas in Goats United when Dean picks him

  • JuanLELE YT
    JuanLELE YT

    I will mis MSN so much

  • Clever Clown
    Clever Clown

    We knew Neymar will end up somewhere in the vidieo

  • M1GPS4

    Me: *trying to sleep* My brain: *Penaldo's flute abiliity*

  • احمد عاطف
    احمد عاطف

    Minguaza he looks like pewdiepie

  • Srihari Ananthalwan
    Srihari Ananthalwan

    And what about meee... killed me

  • Mic Star Gaming
    Mic Star Gaming


  • un argentino del mundo
    un argentino del mundo

    1:42 Salah red imposter Sus

  • Forbidden VIP
    Forbidden VIP

    Wrong kit if Barcelona they had a special kit

  • Tjzzzz

    that slow motion lmao

  • MimicEagle

    For me Iker Cafu Moore Beckambuer Maldini Zidane Cruyf Maradona CR7 Pele Messi

  • M1GPS4

    Fun Fact Dean tried not to laugh because of Barcelona's defense making this video

  • vonicy fn
    vonicy fn

    2.24 he really 2012 World Cup 😂😂

  • ItxEmergencyServicesNorthEast

    Spurs: 1-3 Man U

  • JJ


  • PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
    PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre

    Flashback 2011 Pedro story Final champions league Barcelona x manchester united

  • Saeb Y.
    Saeb Y.

    what song is this a parody of

  • Super G V2
    Super G V2

    The most interesting thing about the match was the heavy as rain pouring down like there's no tomorrow

  • David Kain
    David Kain

    First time! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wipp

    @442oons singing in the rain was released exactly 69 years ago, same day u posted the video, u guys knew it or it's just a coincidence?

  • Joe Maroun
    Joe Maroun

    Why changing your cartoons drawing way I prefered them before

  • MrPotato King
    MrPotato King

    1:14 i feel like dean or whoever sang this line good idk why I like it so much.

    • drrtyi jiogg
      drrtyi jiogg

      Burda Türkler Varmı ? Varsa 1 Yazsın

  • Kurt Villanueva
    Kurt Villanueva

    We Barça Fans Hate That Referee Reasons Why: 1. He always makes us lose in El Classico 2. He sent Messi out on the last important minute in the Super Cup Final 3. We just hate this referee

  • Declan Mundell
    Declan Mundell

    Petition for the original animation style to come back for a video

  • TEAM Music
    TEAM Music

    Is ridiculous

  • Sunhay Seam
    Sunhay Seam

    This editing of this video is quality and pure entertainment, thank you for making my day, excellent content!

  • Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva
    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva


  • Sanidhya Shahare
    Sanidhya Shahare

    Who's this genius writer. Koeman and his play for Barcelona always gets me.

  • Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva
    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva


  • La Relève Maghreb
    La Relève Maghreb

    ربحت في سبعة مباريات

  • udwin101

    0:36 no not Jessica alba!

  • Artur Zαire Holanda です
    Artur Zαire Holanda です

    English: It's Coming Home Rest of the world: they are

  • Asserian Sport
    Asserian Sport

    Griezmann and Mingueza tho....

  • Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva
    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva

    5:47 kkk

  • ZappedgamerYT

    I wanna see how he makes pedri look

  • Sverre Avset
    Sverre Avset

    Why is noone takling about pele not being in the team?!?

  • Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva
    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva


  • Zizou et Barthez Migatte no chauvui
    Zizou et Barthez Migatte no chauvui

    J'aime trop🤣😂

  • Youssef Hany
    Youssef Hany

    Hi I'm just want to understand when Ronaldo said "F is Frontmen, when they were good"

  • samarth vanpariya
    samarth vanpariya

    That mingueza moment had me 😂😂

  • suehely01

    I love this part: Ronaldo:what 93 Messi:the same as your rent

  • Дима Виленский
    Дима Виленский


  • R Y
    R Y


  • JD Fàm Videos
    JD Fàm Videos

    It's funny how Martin greet mendy

  • JD Fàm Videos
    JD Fàm Videos

    Where is Barcelona midfielder

  • Nejdiball

    I think city got scammed

  • Master Javi Gaming
    Master Javi Gaming

    Where's the part where dembele was fouled clearly in the box

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza

    in my FIFA career mode with Manchester United Barcelona paid Bruno's severance fee and I didn't look and he left ;-;

  • Zia, Tvall
    Zia, Tvall

    Barca fans crying

  • Ronny Patrick
    Ronny Patrick

    Ngl, this weekend had some entertaining games: El classico, spurs vs man utd

  • Ronny Patrick
    Ronny Patrick

    Harry Maguire, is that you 0:46

  • Nora Nasr
    Nora Nasr

    The weather was SCHEIßE

  • [ツ] Иateorious_
    [ツ] Иateorious_

    I just realised we were rickrolled by 442oons

  • Costa Rica Nature Photography
    Costa Rica Nature Photography

    Casemiro is the best DM in the world by FAR

  • Alex Gaming YT
    Alex Gaming YT

    My favorito is Thomasshole Müller

  • Harteshwar Singh
    Harteshwar Singh

    Was there a foul on ramos by lenglet in the previous El Classico???????? Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sindre k
    Sindre k

    It defo was a pen for barca min two situations

  • Venic

    I’m happy i stil could smile a little bit about the clasico

  • Dhruv Sarkar
    Dhruv Sarkar

    Bruh when Messi held up the sign that this will be his last el Classico, the coach ripped it up.

  • Margaret Dodge
    Margaret Dodge

    City wins

  • Daniel 7
    Daniel 7

    and they say "It WaS a PeN" looooool it wasnt a pen dumb ass ppl

  • Max Goth
    Max Goth

    Am waiting for the goat to score against Huesca lol

  • abdollah max
    abdollah max

    ماكو عربي؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • Tshimanga David Padingani
    Tshimanga David Padingani

    No no and no

  • Ryan M Howlett
    Ryan M Howlett

    It's funny how, as an avid football fan, I had no idea that El Clasico was going on yesterday, until I saw the score on Transfermarkt!

  • Ghostly_owen

    While this play is good did you know he kidnapped someone and was sent to prison for 7 months

  • Jorje Perez
    Jorje Perez

    F***** disgrace